The Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission is committed to managing the District’s groundwater resources in an efficient and economical manner based on sound and objective science, as encapsulated in the most recent Management Plan approved in April 2014. Key to this overall management process are the CAGWCC’s network of water-level and chloride-level monitor wells along with the aquifer modeling program being conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey.

In particular, the modeling effort (supported with additional funding from the East Baton Rouge Metro Council and the state Dept. of Transportation and Development) will provide within the next several years a comprehensive view of groundwater flows and saltwater migration within the aquifer system at Baton Rouge and enable the CAGWCC to utilize the best available science for appropriate consideration in future actions. Such actions may include reductions or relocations of groundwater use or the employment of cutting edge technology to mitigate the impact of saltwater encroachment, such as the “scavenger well” recently installed to prolong the life of the public supply well field at the Lula Street Station of the Baton Rouge Water Works Company.

In addition to the modeling work being done by USGS, the CAGWCC also supports the continuing investigations of a team of researchers at LSU, who are providing valuable insight into the architecture and mechanical operation of local aquifers. The work of all these scientists is providing the CAGWCC with the information needed to effectively manage the District’s groundwater resources for a sustainable future.

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