The Capital Area Groundwater Conservation Commission (Commission) is pleased to announce that a recognition award will be presented by the Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission, on an as-needed basis, beginning in 2017, for work undertaken or completed in the previous two years (or for a body of work) before the award year. In drafting up the criteria for the award, Commissioner Matt Reonas stated that “… he always thought that this would be a good effort on part of the Commission to recognize individuals that have worked towards meeting the Commission’s goals over the years along with good public relations for the Commission.”

The purpose of the award The Water Leadership Award is to recognize individuals (or groups) that have contributed in substantial and/or innovative ways to management, conservation, understanding, and awareness of the Capital Area Ground Water District District’s groundwater resources.

The following areas are recognized as fields suitable for consideration:

     • Government Leadership
     • Business Leadership
     • Applied Research
     • Technological Innovation
     • Public Awareness and Education

In considering an award, an Awards Committee will evaluate the eligible work for impact; that is, the work on which a nomination rests should have made, or will make, a substantial and/or lasting contribution to the above stated goals of management, conservation, understanding, and awareness. The purpose of this award is not to recognize every individual contribution towards achievement of these goals but rather to highlight those that required exceptional leadership, diligence, perseverance, tenacity, courage, and/or foresight. It is acceptable to recognize individuals (or groups) for a body of work that meets these criteria.

Individuals (or groups) eligible for award include those that have made a substantial and/or innovative contribution to the above stated goals inside the District, whether such individual (or group) resides within the District or not.

Nominations can be made by any individual or group, and should include a brief biography of the individual (or group) and a detailed summary of the work for which the individual (or group) is being nominated. The application packet should include relevant information, including but not limited to: reports, data, models, press clippings or media, informational or educational examples, etc. Technical information should be limited to summaries. Five (5) copies of the nomination should be sent to the Capital Area Groundwater Conservation District at 3535 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., Suite 137, Baton Rouge, LA 70816.

An independent panel of Commissioners shall be appointed by the Chairman for handling of this award. The panel shall review nominations and select an award winner on behalf of the entire Commission. The Commission will publicize the award in the local media and on its website. The award will be a plaque and letter of recognition.



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